Thursday, May 11, 2006

Art work in Residence

Sometime early during Oct 2005 I had a conversation with Mrs Phoenix - she had asked me where had we first met as she felt she had known me forever - in fact since 1985 at the birth of the Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust in house Arts project. I had responded to a job advertising for a photography assistant - I became the project photographer and following that as arts worker and later Artist in Residence. I continue to run workshops to this day. I had no idea I would still be working here in 2006.

‘Portrait for an Archive’
Mrs Phoenix has often commented that she needs another forty eight hours a day as there is too little time for everything -(and I don’t think that sleep was included in the forty eight hours!) In ‘Portrait for an Archive’ I have duplicated Mrs Phoenix - giving her multiple selves, & giving expression through digital media. Each print is a unique one off design that is part of a body of work.

Geraldine Walsh
'Portrait of an Archive'
Artwork in Residence
Geraldine Walsh copywrite

To view selection of Prints or further information contact Geraldine Walsh ( Art workshop) at Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust

(framed A4 prints plus canvas prints available
20% sales goes to Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust)