Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Visual Art and
Salsa Line dance
project 2008/09

by Sabrina Rodney/Jona Thorpe/Charmaine Augustine

Artwork by Evelyne Jackman

The project consisted of a series of workshops focusing on dance and artistic expression as a community/ social activity to be shared between generations and people of different backgrounds culminating the programme in
……a participatory dance workshop of salsa line dancing at the Trusts annual Fund raising dinner at Lewisham College (Thursday 5th March 09) …

One fund Lewisham

which will incorporate what we developed during the workshops by participants and additionally inviting people attending the event to join the workshop - to provide a fun and shared experience.
We took the tradition of Salsa into the form of line dance - as a community project that took place at Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust for residents and opened to the local community.
The visual Art workshops built on the theme making both collective & individual pieces based on inspirations on community dance themes and associated visual material. Images were sourced of community & social dance and with this we used magazines & newspapers to montage & recreate images inspired by dance adding humour.

These workshops ran in partnership with the Lewisham College art classes at
Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust and the dance classes an additional course based in the garden studio.